Negative News Risk Management with the Kingland Platform

The Securities and Exchange Commission levied a $4 million fine on broker-dealer Jefferies, as reported by several news organizations earlier this week. This stems from the investigation into the improper handling of American Depositary Receipts (ADRs).

We pulled information from a lengthy SEC document filled with legal jargon, revealing more than 60 references to Jefferies and 20 mentions of the word pay, but no reference to the word fine. A risk analyst, for example, would be required to read through this document and many others in order to make interpretations and take appropriate action.

A Google search for the phrase "Jefferies fined $4 million" returned nearly 70,000 results. Reading through just a few documents can take quite a bit of time to sift through the text and extract actionable information.

Watch this video and in less than 2 minutes see how quickly you can accelerate the process of discovering important information that can help your risk management team.

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