Text Analytics Reveals Important Information from McDonald's CEO Announcement

McDonald's filed an 8-K one day after announcing it was transitioning to a new CEO on Nov. 3. As directors and officers join and leave organizations, companies are required to submit 8-K filings to detail these changes. For risk and data management professionals, these types of officer changes require immediate action, but how can someone quickly and efficiently act on these events when 200 to 1,000 8-Ks are filed each day?

Using the recent McDonald's 8-K as an example, watch this 2 minute video to see how you can filter thousands of documents mentioning specific keywords to help you identify important people, places, dates and more.

Just to give you a snapshot of CEO departures, CNBC reports that there have been 1,160 CEO departures in 2019 through September. That's more than six CEO departures per business day on average through the month of September in 2019.

See how you can keep up with these changes and more!

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